Ready-Made Pie Crusts

This is not really a recipe -- it's just a suggestion to make life a bit easier. I just tried using the ready-made pie crusts that are available for making pies. They will probably be in the dairy case at the grocery store. These are easy to put into the pie pan for one or two-crust pies. No more rolling them out and then trying to get them into the pie pan without them "tearing" to pieces. The directions on the box tell you to let them reach room temperature before using them. What those directions don't mention is the fact that they should be removed from the plastic wrap before putting them out. There is a possibility that they would stick to the plastic wrap if allowed to warm up to room temp.

Another thing: I didn't bake the pie as long as the directions say. They suggest 30 - 35 minutes. I baked mine for 20 minutes at 425. Any longer than that, and the crust will burn.

Added 5/30/13:

And since I wanted a bigger pie, I used two cans of the apple pie filling instead of one. And I always put a couple of teaspoons of sugar and shake some cinnamon over the top of it before I put it in the oven -- don't ask me why I do that, but I suppose it's because my Mom always did it that way. (Can you imagine baking in an old wood-burning cookstove and trying to get everything/anything to turn out right? I can't. In addition to being unable to control the heat, remember in mid-summer it got up to over 90° on many days and AC wasn't even heard of. I prefer my fancy electric stove and the AC in my house to keep it cool while I'm baking -- even if I don't do much baking now).

also adds:

I baked it at 350° for forty minutes, then turned the oven off and let it set in the cooling oven for another twenty minutes.

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