Review of WORX 24 volt Cordless Lawn Mower

After our Mom's bad experience with her WORX WG775 24-volt Cordless Lawn Mower she asked me if I would post a review here on our blog site.  The following is copied from the review she wrote on the web site where she purchased the mower.

I bought the Worx mower in March, 2012. The first summer it worked great, and I also used it last fall to pick up leaves for bagging. During the winter, the battery stayed in the house where it was warm, so freezing of the battery is no excuse. This spring I noticed that it was running down after only a few minutes use. I thought, "OK, I'll just order a new battery". I got the new battery this afternoon and there is no way that the battery I received will fit this mower. I now find that I am unable to return the battery due to federal regulations, so I'm stuck with an $85 battery that I'm not able to use, and my mower has to be recharged after every ten minutes of use. Apparently, I'm going to have to buy another mower (a corded one this time). And you can bet I'll never recommend this mower to anyone.

And I have another question. If it's against the federal regulations to return the battery, why was Amazon able to send me this battery in the first place. Don't the federal regulations apply to them, too?

We have also purchased a cordless lawn mower but, thankfully, not this particular brand or model.  I'm sure hoping we have better luck than she did.  I'll post a review or our mower after we have used it for at least one season.  

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