Bocce Socks Game For Kids

Bocce ball is a popular outdoor game that has been enjoyed by friends and families for many years.  But regular bocce ball is played with hard wooden balls and cannot be played indoors.  Bocce socks can!  All you need is a hallway or enough bed pillows, throw pillows, couch cushions or rolled up towels to create your own indoor bocce “court”.

Bocce socks can be played individually or in teams.  You will need a small rubber ball like a tennis ball or racquetball which will be your target.  You will also need one pair of socks for each person that is playing.  (You can have each player remove the socks they are wearing.) Roll and fold each sock into a ball so that each player has two bocce sock balls.  Preferably, each player will have socks that are distinctive in design or color so they can be distinguished from the other players.

Have one player roll the target (tennis or racquet ball) to the other end of the hallway.  It doesn’t matter where it lands so long as there is space around it for the socks that will be thrown at it. The object of the game is to get your socks as close as possible to the target without touching it.

After the target is thrown the players or teams take turns tossing their socks toward the target ball.  One good tactic, especially if you are playing teams, is to use one throw to try to knock the other team’s socks away from the target.  Players or teams score one point for each of their socks that is closer to the target than any of the opposing player’s or team’s socks.  If opposing socks are touching, they cancel each other out and there are no points scored for those socks. 
After each round, throw the target ball to the other end of the hallway and begin the sock toss again.  The game ends when one player or team reaches the predetermined winning total such as 10 or 15.

Don’t let winter boredom or rainy days get you down.  Have fun playing bocce socks indoors!
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