Sock Toss Game For Kids

Similar to a beanbag toss game for adults, you can easily make a sock toss game for your youngsters to play inside or outside.  It is perfect for those boring rainy or snowy afternoons.  A sock toss game is inexpensive.  You probably already have all the items you will need to play. 

All you need is a laundry basket and a few pairs of old socks.  If you don’t have worn socks you can pick up inexpensive socks at most dollar stores.  You will also need a pound or two of dried beans, peas or unpopped popcorn.

Cut the foot part of each sock off so just the ribbed part is left.  Fold one end inside and sew it shut.  Then fill each sock about ¾ full of beans, peas or unpopped popcorn.  Don’t fill the socks so full that the beans can’t move around freely.  Sew the remaining end shut.  If you don’t want to sew you can fasten the ends with string knotted tightly at each end.  You can even skip the filling altogether and just fold a pair of socks into a small ball.  You will want to have 8 to 10 socks to throw. 

Depending on the age of the kids, mark a line about six to eight feet away from the laundry basket.  Have each youngster throw the socks, one at a time, trying to get them into the basket. Each time he gets a sock into the basket, have him step back one step for his next throw.  Add up the number of socks he got into the basket.  In case of a tie, continue playing rounds until one youngster has a higher score at the end of the round. 

To make the game a little more difficult, substitute a large cooking pot for the laundry basket.  If there are older kids and younger kids playing together, center the cooking pot inside the basket and for the older kids only count the socks that land in the pot.

Throw the socks with your non-dominant hand.
Throw the socks blindfolded.
Throw the socks while facing away from the basket.
Put a large cooking pot inside the laundry basket and score 1 point for getting the sock in the basket and 3 points for getting the sock in the pot.

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