9 Kindle Fire Tips

When the original Kindle went on sale in 2007, I had to have one. I absolutely loved having a couple hundred books at my fingertips no matter where I went. The kindle is small enough to fit in my little purse and weighs less than a paperback book. When Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire in 2011, it was time for an upgrade.

The Kindle Fire HD will do everything the original Kindle did and much, much more. Here are tips to help you get the most out of your Kindle Fire. 

1.      Add Android Apps
You can find many apps in the Amazon App Store, but you can also access the Google Android Market on your Kindle Fire and download many more apps.

2.      Choosing New Applications
With so many apps to choose from, finding the best can take a while. Here are some that you may want: Netflix, Hulu+, Angry Birds, Wikidroid for Android, and Evernote.

3.      Delete Unwanted Applications
Your Kindle Fire comes preloaded with some apps and documents that you have no use for. To delete them, simply bring them up on your carousal and press and hold your finger on the app or document. A menu will pop up enabling you to delete it.
4.      Download Free Books
In addition to going to amazon.com kindle store and searching for “Free ebooks”, you can download free books from freekindlebooks.org, manybook.net, feedbooks.com and thefreelibrary.com.
5.      Maximize Battery Life
There are several ways to extend Kindle Fire's battery life:
When you are finished using your Kindle, put it to sleep by tapping the power button or shut it down by holding the power button in.
Turn off wi-fi when you are not using it.
Lower the brightness of the screen when you don’t need it.
Close running applications.
6.      Close Running Applications
Applications that are running in the background will hurt your battery life and can slow down your Kindle. Check what applications are running by going to Settings > Choose More > Then choose Applications. Here you will be able to see all the applications that are running in the background of your Kindle Fire. Select an application that you wish to close and select force stop.
7.      Clear the Amazon Silk Browser
It’s easy to end up with many open tabs in the Amazon Silk Browser. To clear out all the tabs at once: touch one tab, hold it down until the little menu pops up and then select the option to close all tabs. This will give you a fresh browser with no open tabs.
8.      Clear the Web History and Free Up Carousel
In the web browser, click the menu button at the bottom of the screen and then select clear the cache and clear the history. This will clear the cache and the history and it will clear these web pages out of your carousel.
9.      Wi-Fi Password Protection
If you want to set up password protection so that only those with the password can go online with your Kindle Fire, simply go to the Settings menu, Select "Restrictions" and then select "Turn On".

These tips are just a start on what you can do with your Kindle Fire. If you don’t already have a Kindle Fire, you can find out more about them buy following the link below.


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