What's Great About Keyless Door Knobs?

If you jog, do you hate having to carry a key with you? Have you ever been locked out of your house?

We've been using keyless doorknobs for going on 20 years and have found that they can really make life easy. We currently have two different styles of keyless doorknobs. This review is on the Morning Industry brand that I purchased at amazon.com.

I purchased two of these to use in my Morton building. I put one on the door to the shop and one on my tack room door.

These keyless door knobs are easy to install. They fit standard doors with no wiring to run (they use 4 AA batteries). They are also easy to program.

One feature that I like with this brand is that they also can be unlocked using a key. My fear was that I wouldn't notice that the battery was going dead and I would be locked out of my tack room. I simply hung the keys in the house on my key rack. I've never needed them, but it gives me peace of mind to know that I can never be locked out.

How the Keyless Door Knob Works

After you install your keyless doorknob, you can program up to six different codes.

I programmed two codes into my keyless knobs. The first code was our "master code" that we use for all of our keyless entries (barn, house, car, truck...) We only need to remember one code to get in every door we own!

I then programmed a second code to give to friends who keep their horses in my barn. They can access the tack room any time they want without having to worry about losing keys. If I want, I can change the code instead of changing locks.

To lock the door, just touch the "lock" key on the keypad. The door is locked! To unlock, punch your code in and touch the "unlock" key on the touchpad. The door unlocks.

If someone tries to guess the combination to get in, they will get four free tries. On the next try, an alarm will sound.

This particular keyless entry system also has an auto-lock function. When that is activated, the door automatically locks every time the door is closed. I choose not to use this function. Once I unlock the door, it stays unlocked until I lock it back up.

Other Features of the Keyless Door Knob

I like that the keypad is glow-in-the-dark. It helps when I don't bother to turn the lights on.

I do not use the autolock feature, but have heard that many people appreciate that the door will automatically lock after 10 seconds.

I change my batteries twice a year - I change them at the same time that I change my smoke alarm batteries. In the spring and fall when daylight savings time changes.

Problems With the Keyless Door Knob

One of the people who keeps a horse here has a four year old daughter who likes to play with buttons (and hang on doorknobs). After six months of her hanging on the knob and pushing buttons, one row of numbers would not work. We thought we would have to replace the door knob. But, hubby simply took the case off the unit and tightened everything up. Then I asked the mother to make sure her daughter did not play with the door knob anymore.

The door knob has worked flawlessly ever since.

Final note

We use a different keyless doorknob for our house. I will share our experiences with that unit in a later article. Look below for links to both keyless door knobs at amazon.com

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