Taft Keyless Electronic Digital Door Lock

You never have to worry about losing your key again. You can leave the house without keys!

I wrote an article the other day about the keyless door knobs that we use in our barn. See that article here:

We use a different keyless door knob for the front door to the house. Since it is an exterior door, I wanted a solid keyless knob. I chose the Taft Keyless Door Lock.

Keyless Door Lock Features

The Taft electronic lock installs easily. There were no extra holes to drill in the door and we didn't have to run any wiring. It uses standard AAA batteries (and they are included). According to the manufacturer, the battery life will exceed 15,000 uses, but I can't count that high so I simply replace my batteries when I replace my smoke detector batteries... in the spring and fall when we reset out clocks for daylight savings time.

One thing that bothered me at first was that this keyless door knob does not use a key. So, what happens if the battery goes dead? First, it does have a low battery warning and second, it includes a plug that allows you to plug it in if you should ignore the warning and the batteries go dead. We keep the plug in the barn so that if we ever need it, we have access to it.

You can program up to 10 codes.

This is handy if you have friends that you want to give the code to for a period of time. When that time is up, you simply remove the code that you gave them and you don't have to worry about remembering a new code for yourself.

If you decide to use more than one code for your keyless door knob, it allows you to track the last 50 code entries.

The keypad is backlit.

As long as you can find the doorknob in the dark, you can use the keypad. It lights up as soon as the first button is pressed.

Protection from having someone look over your shoulder as you enter the code.

One of my favorite features is called the "anti spy" feature. If you have someone standing next to you while you are unlocking the door, it can be hard to keep your code private. The anti spy feature works like this:
Let's say that your code is 1-2-3-4. You want to unlock the door, but someone is standing next to you.

You simply add the first number of your code (1), then punch in random numbers, and finally add the last three numbers of your code. So I might push 1-9-9-5-9-9-2-3-4. The door unlocks and the person doesn't know my code.

Final note

We use different keyless doorknobs for our Morton building. Look below for links to both keyless door knobs at amazon.com


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