Crocheted Turtleneck Scarf

I made this scarf for my husband who wanted to keep his neck warm without the bother of tucking scarf ends into his winter coat.  There are actually two versions of this scarf, one pullover and one buttoned.  The pullover version is a little looser around the neck because it has to be pulled over your head.

Pullover version:

With worsted weight yarn and H hook chain 15.
14 Hdc in starting chain.  Ch. 2, turn. (Width should be 4 ½”.)
In back loop only, 14 Hdc across.  Ch. 2, turn.

Continue working hdc in back loop only until piece measures 21”.  Join short edges with slip stitches.
Weave in ends of yarn. 

This creates a ribbed tube that can be worn as an ear warmer or pulled over the head and worn around the neck as a scarf.  If you like, you can make your starting chain longer.  This makes a wider tube which can be scrunched down or folded in half to make the scarf thicker.

 Buttoned version:

Follow the pattern for the pullover version except you do not need to make the scarf 21” long.  Measure around the neck of the person you are making it for and add about two inches. On the next row you will make two equally spaced buttonholes by working 3 hdc in back loop of previous row, ch 3 and skip 3 hdc in previous row, work 2 hdc in back loop of previous row, ch 3 and skip 3 hdc, work last 3 hdc in back loop of previous row.  Ch 2 and turn.  Work two more rows of hdc then finish off and weave in ends of yarn.  Finish the scarf by sewing two appropriately sized buttons onto the scarf so it can be buttoned closed.

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