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Fun, bubbly sodas are now a snap to make at home.  After looking at the SodaStream units for months I purchased the Sodastream Fizz home soda maker when I saw it on sale a few weeks ago.  I am a diet soda drinker from way back and used to purchase three 12-packs every week for me and my family.  Now I can make my own tasty drinks at home.  And I do mean tasty.  Sodastream’s diet flavors do not have that bitter “diet aftertaste”.  At least I haven’t found any flavors that do.  The Fizz model I purchased came with twelve individual trial packets of different regular and diet flavors plus two Crystal Light bottles of drink mixes which will make 12 liters each.  While I don’t think all of the flavors taste exactly the same as the brand name drinks, they all taste very good.  My favorites so far are the diet cranberry raspberry, diet Dr. Pete and diet pink grapefruit.  My husband really likes diet root beer and diet cranberry raspberry.

One of the main reasons I bought the SodaStream was because I can adjust the amount of carbonation and flavoring in my drinks.  The CO2 cylinder will add fizz to at least 60 liters of cold water.  The Fizz model that I bought   

has a display on the unit that lets you know how much CO2 is left in the cylinder so you know when it’s time to exchange it for a full one.  I plan on purchasing a spare cylinder for my SodaStream so when the original cylinder gets empty I can replace it right away.  That way I don’t have to immediately rush to my local Target store to get the original cylinder exchanged.  My SodaStream Fizz also displays the carbonation level in the bottle of water I am carbonating so I am able to add less bubbles to my bottles than others might prefer.

SodaStream has more than 50 flavors of concentrated soda mix.  I have purchased bottles at my local Target store and have also ordered some from and from  The regular flavors have no high-fructose corn syrup and contain about a third of the calories, carbohydrates and sugar of brand name drinks.  They also have less sodium and caffeine.  The diet flavors have no aspartame, no preservatives and have less sodium than most brand names.  Each bottle of concentrate says it will make 12 liters of soda or about 33 12 oz. cans of soda.  Since I don’t like my soda flavors as strong I only fill the measuring cap about ½ to ¾ of the way before adding it to my carbonated water.  I’m sure I will get 15 to 20 liters out of each flavor bottle.

SodaStream is easy and fun.  It only takes seconds to turn cold tap water into soda that is flavored and “fizzed” to your liking.  I highly recommend the SodaStream Fizz.

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