Have Fun Mixing Essential Oil Sprays

I recently started reading about and experimenting with mixing my own essential oil sprays.  Essential oils are the pure, concentrated oils that are found in plants.  These oils contain all of the nutrients, scents and flavor of the plants they were derived from.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and they are usually mixed with water or carrier oils to dilute them.  An internet search for “mixing essential oils” will bring up a wealth of information on how to get started and suggestions for combining your own oils.

As I’ve been adding essential oils into my life I’ve learned a lot about how versatile they are.  Many people use them for home remedies and first aid.  Others enjoy mixing scented massage oils.  One of the main reasons I started mixing essential oils was because I was no longer able to find two of my favorite floral perfumes.  I decided a little experimenting would be fun.  I purchased a few basic essential oils, a gallon of distilled water, some almond oil, and some dark blue spray bottles.  I also bought a glass salad oil mixing bottle with ounce marking down the side.  This bottle works great for measuring and mixing the sprays. While I have yet to find the magic recipe for my favorite purchased scents, I have found a couple of sprays that I use very often.

One of the sprays I make is Germ Fighter Essential Oil Blend which I purchased from Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/dp/product/B005VSXTMM/thbusa-20

This oil is a pre-mixed blend of five essential oils. Legend says these oils were used by  thieves during medieval times to protect themselves from the plague and other diseases that could be caught from their victims. A university study showed the oils in this blend were 99.96% effective against airborne bacteria.  In my latest batch of this spray I used 5 oz. of distilled water plus 20 drops of the essential oil.  This made enough for three 2 oz. spray bottles.  I keep one bottle in the bathroom, one on my kitchen cupboard and one in my bedroom.  I use the spray both to freshen the air and to spritz on my hands occasionally. 

My other favorite mixture is a lavender spray which I spritz on my bed linens.  I find the lavender scent very relaxing and have used it in combination with geranium, bergamot and sweet orange oils.  I usually mix 4 oz. of distilled water plus 15 drops lavender oil plus 5 drops of geranium, bergamot or orange oil. 

A couple words of warning before using essential oils.  The oils are extremely powerful and some are not recommended in certain circumstances (such as while pregnant).  Also essential oils can be toxic to cats.  Cats' livers are not the same as humans' livers, and they lack the ability to properly metabolize the compounds in essential oils. This causes a buildup of toxins that could kill your cat. So, always make sure you do your research before using essential oils.

Learning all the fine points of using essential oils can take time, but there are dozens of easy aromatherapy recipes that anyone can make.  I’ve given you a couple of my recipes.  Search the internet for other free scented oil recipes and decide what recipe you want to try first. Have fun!

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