Road Trip With A Garmin

My husband and I recently returned from a 4,000-mile cross-country road trip. As usual before such trips, I contacted the tourist bureaus of the states we were going to be traveling through to obtain maps and other trip-planning pamphlets. This trip, though, we decided to also invest in a GPS navigator. What an amazing invention! I would never travel without one again.

The unit I eventually decided on was the Garmin Nuvi 260W. It was remarkably easy to use and was a lifesaver in the big cities we traveled through. The voice prompts for upcoming turns did the job a lot better than I could have even with the most detailed maps. It even told us what side a turn or ramp was on, which was wonderful. Throughout our trip it guided us to our various destinations with easy to follow verbal and visual instructions. If we decided to take unplanned side trips, the Garmin re-calculated our route and quickly got us back on the way to our destination.

By touching the car symbol, we got the option of saving our current location as a favorite destination. This was very helpful when we knew we would be returning to a certain place later on. The Garmin made finding local attractions and extra things along our route such as ATM machines, restrooms and gas stations a piece of cake!

It was certainly very comforting to have the Garmin along on our trip. It took all of the stress out of trying to plan our route and it made our vacation much more enjoyable. We don’t want to go anywhere without ours now! I am even looking forward to using it now that I am home again. No more worrying about nighttime driving. The Garmin will tell me when my turn is coming up.

So if you are planning a long trip or just a short jaunt, I recommend getting a Garmin.

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