Recycle Those Old Tennis Balls

Most tennis balls end up in the garbage when they stop being useful on the court. But did you know that there are many other uses for old tennis balls?

Everyone knows that old tennis balls are great for playing fetch with your dog. Or you can donate them to other playful pups at your local animal shelter.

Throw two or three (pre-washed) balls in the dryer to help soften and fluff up your clothes so they dry faster. Also, using tennis balls in your dryer cycle is great for comforters, down jackets or pillows with feathers. It helps prevent them from lumping together.

To prevent damage when hammering, cut an X in an old tennis ball and put it on the end of a hammer.

Donate them to a senior center or nursing home. Old tennis balls make great skid stoppers on the legs of walkers.

Cut a large X in an old tennis ball and push it over your trailer hitch ball to help prevent rust and nicks.

If you have young children, put them on spiked fence posts, bedposts or radiator knobs.

Old tennis balls make great massage devices. Stand against a wall and put a tennis ball behind you into the muscle along your shoulder blade. Press your back into the wall and move up and down a little bit to massage the muscles. Or you can put two tennis balls into a large sock. Tie the sock securely, then use the sock as a back massager.

You can also massage your feet when seated. Put a tennis ball under each foot and roll your feet around on them. It feels wonderful!

Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling in your garage so that it hits the car’s windshield or rear window at the correct stopping point.

To keep a doorknob from damaging a wall, cut a large slit in a tennis ball and slide it over the knob.

If the legs of your lawn chairs get stuck between the slats of your deck, put tennis balls on the bottoms to keep them where you want them.

Cut two old tennis balls in half and place each half under the four corners of your stereo speakers to act as anti-vibration pads. You can even paint them black to make them blend in.

To prevent your bike’s kickstand from sinking into the grass or dirt, cut a small slit in a tennis ball and slide it over the kickstand.

Use a couple tennis balls as arm weights by cutting slits in them and filling them with sand or pennies.

Place a tennis ball on the end of a broom and use it to clean black scuff marks from your kitchen floor. Or use it to remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings.

If you are working under the hood of your car or truck, cut a slit in a tennis ball and put it over the latch to protect your head when you stand up.

Use an old tennis ball as a stress relief squeeze ball.

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story teller said...

These were really great uses for tennis balls! I knew a couple of them, but I learned a whole lot more! Thanks!

Cannon said...

You should also consider sending batches of old balls to my company - Rebounces ( - the first to start a tennis ball recycling campaign here in the US. Over 300 million balls used each year in the US.
We pay for shipping (via prepaid FedEx label) for all shipments of 100 balls or greater. We will accept all shipments of less than 100 balls, but we are not able to subsidize those shipments.
- Cannon

story teller said...

The link in the above post does not work. I'll put the link here in case anyone is interested in seeing what Rebounces is all about. You might have to copy and paste it into your browser's address bar:

Looks like an interesting concept! Good luck with it.

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