Eat A Bland Diet After The Stomach Flu

Usually if you are experiencing nausea or vomiting, eating is the last thing you want to do. It is essential, however, to replace fluids that have been lost due to vomiting or diarrhea. You have to make sure you continually drink small amounts of water, clear flat soda, Gatorade or broth. I, personally, usually have the best results sipping on regular 7-Up that has had most of the bubbles gently stirred out. If you can’t keep even fluids down try sucking on ice chips. Once the nausea and vomiting have lessened and you are able to keep liquids down, you should try eating some solid food. You don’t want to eat foods that will irritate your stomach and perhaps restart the vomiting. What you need to do for a few days is follow a bland diet that can be easily digested.

What exactly IS a bland diet though? The definition of a bland diet varies depending on the reason you are following it, but all bland diets recommend foods that are soft, lightly spiced, low in fat and low in fiber. After the stomach flu you should gradually add soft foods like gelatin, poached eggs, applesauce (but not sliced or whole apples), bananas and chicken soup. As you feel better, other bland foods can be introduced. Try saltine crackers, toast, white rice, plain noodles, mashed potatoes, or cooked carrots. Lastly, try adding plain meats like chicken or lean ground beef with all fat removed. One bland food staple, which I even give to my cat and dog when they are sick, is browned ground beef (soak up the grease with a few layers of paper towels) and plain white rice mixed together.

Once your flu symptoms have lessened you can gradually go back to a regular diet but for a few days it would be wise to avoid milk and dairy products, greasy or spicy foods, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, popcorn, potato chips, alcohol, coffee or caffeinated drinks.

The stomach flu usually only lasts for three to five days. What you eat and drink during the flu can help your stomach readjust faster. A bland diet is easy to digest and is well tolerated by an irritated stomach. So to help with the recovery process drink lots of liquids and stick to a bland diet.

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Anonymous said...

Once while getting over the flu, I bought some jars of baby food. They are small helpings, and are not too bad tasting at all. I started out with the strained, but the Junior might be better. The jars are a bit bigger and more tasty. Then, as your stomach gets used to food again, you can switch back to your adult menu.

story teller said...

I like that idea!

Thanks for the information, Neko! It is flu season (again).

Anonymous said...

I have had the stomach flu for a while now and things are getting better so I decided to eat some bees with cooked broccoli and carrots. after that I am now experiencing a lot of gas and am going soft again? was be eating beef not such a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Most often stomach flu is not life threatening, but dehdration is a potentially serious complication. If you are concerned about your symptoms, you should ask your medical provider for advice.

Unknown said...

Beef wasn't the problem with the gas; it was the broccoli! Have rice with the beef instead. BRAT diet is recommended for flu and other illnesses causing n/v but mostly diarrhea. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast; but chicken broth is ok too, just not any of the fat; mashed potatoes are good but little to no milk, preferably none! I am on day 3 of stomach virus....

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