Tired of Your Computer Startup Being So Slow?

In today’s fast-paced life, it seems like we want everything to come to us at warp speed. We are increasingly frustrated when our computers take too long to startup. If you’re one of the many people who wish they could speed up the time it takes their computer to start, there is a little application, called StartUpLite, that makes it very easy to disable unnecessary programs that load when you first turn on your computer. Disabling these unnecessary startup programs allows your computer to breeze through the bootup process and be ready for your commands a lot quicker.

StartUpLite is free and is offered by the same company that makes Malwarebytes – see a previous blog posting that talks about getting rid of malware: "Got Malware?".

StartUpLite is a small download that you run one time. It lists all your unnecessary startup programs in a list with an explanation of what the program is, and what it does, and why it is unnecessary. If you want to accept the StartUpLite recommendations and disable all the items in the list, you can leave all the checkmarks and click “continue” at the bottom of the screen. I have found that StartUpLite is always correct in displaying which programs are unnecessary, so you can feel confident in accepting their recommendations. Now, this doesn’t remove the actual program from your computer or disable it from running when you need it. StartUpLite’s disabling process just prevents the extraneous bits of compute code from running during the computer startup process.

This program is easy to use. Simply download StartUpLite and save it to a convenient location. Then find and double click on StartUpLite.exe. Select all options you would like executed or accept the recommendations of the program, which is to leave all the checkmarks in place, and then select continue.

One reason I feel so comfortable recommending this program is that so many people have been helped by Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware program (also free). Both of these programs are easy to use and don’t require the user to be a computer geek in order to run them. The one issue I have noticed about StartUpLite is that it is not UAC aware yet. Vista users who enabled User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista need to run StartUpLite as administrator by right-clicking StartUpLite.exe, then choose "run as administrator". But this is a very minor issue.

Read more about and download StartUpLite by clicking here.

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