Solar Pool Heater Instructions

Last week I posted "Build A Solar Swimming Pool Heater". A couple people requested better instructions.

I wanted to give you a diagram on how to build your own solar swimming pool heater, but I'm not an artist or a graphic designer. I still gave it a try.

Here is a drawing of how you might want to lay out your own solar swimming pool heater.

I chose a Rule Submersible pump. Submersible pumps are cheaper and seem to last longer. This pump is under $20. You simply hook the wires to your solar panel and put the hose on. Drop the pump into the pool and when the sun shines, the pump pumps.

The goal is to pump water from the pool, through black hose (which heats the water) and then back into the pool.

You want to drop the pump into the pool only a few inches and keep the wires out of the pool. Disconnect the pump and remove it from the pool when you are swimming.

I chose the 50 watt solar panel to run the pump. The Kyocera solar cells are dependable.

Note: I also use BP solar panels for other purposes, but any solar panel should work for you. (I recommend Kyocera or BP because I have had the best luck with those brands.)

So now we have our pump connected to the solar panel. Our black garden hose is connected to the pump.

You can position the other end of the garden hose to discharge water anywhere you want into the pool. Just be sure that you do not drop the end of the hose into the pool. Suspend it a couple inches above the water line.

The reason for this is that, when the pump is not pumping water, your hose does not end up sucking water out of your pool.

If you're wondering where you can find more information, you're sitting in front of the best tool available. Your computer. There is no easier way to find what you are looking for than by doing a Google search!

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I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more information.

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Anonymous said...

Good instructions and great information! I hope a lot of people see this. I see a lot of pools in peoples yards and I know most of them can afford this type of heater, but probably can't afford a commercial product.

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Solar Heater Pool said...

Just a piece of advice, don't undertake plumbing, wiring, or roof work if you don't have the confidence, skills, and knowledge to do so safely. Get qualified help.

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