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So you've gotten your blog account. You've set up your blog. Now, what do you write about?

Many people start blogs simply because they have something to say and a blog is a great place to say it. I've seen some funny humor blogs. And, to be totally fair, I've seen some pretty sad humor blogs, too. I've spent hours on blogs that were created simply because someone wanted to share their crafting tips or recipes.

I have a friend who started a blog to use as a journal. She has a great sense of humor, and she loves to write, so her journal has become pretty popular. She recently added ads to her blog and is now making a modest amount of money. She figures that she makes about $30 per hour writing.

She determined this by figuring that she writes two posts per week. They take her about a half hour each to write. Her blog income is usually $120 - $150 per month. I think that if she sticks with it, she will soon be making double or triple that amount.

Another friend has been blogging about daycare for several years. She's never considered putting ads on her blog. She does it simply because she has something to share and doesn't want to be committed to making anyone happy. She might post three new blog articles one month, twelve blog articles the next, and two the next. She says that if she were to put ads on her blog, she would feel obligated to try to post more blog articles to make the ads work. This way, she doesn't worry about it.

I see her point.

The blog you are reading right now (The Busy Saver) grew out of a family website. Mom lives in Florida. I live in Illinois. My four sisters are spread from Florida to Minnesota. We've had a family website for years. It gave us a place to check in daily and share household tips, recipes, successes, rejections, product and book reviews, and anything else we want to share. It allowed us to remain close.

Our family website was password protected, but we often shared household tips and recipes that I wished we could share with everyone. So, early this year, I asked "Anyone want to start a blog?" Everyone did.

Deciding on a blog theme took awhile. We have varied interests. Neko and Tracker are talented with crafts. I can't even hold a crochet hook without poking my eye out. I write. They don't have a lot of interest in my craft.

Mom (Queen Bee) said "I won't write any blog articles, but I will edit."

Great! We all need editing.

We decided that our blog theme would be "saving money". Whether we wrote about products we tried, books worth reading, crafts, or recipes that were quick and cheap we would blog mostly about saving money.

I don't always follow the rules. - OK - I hardly ever follow the rules. I just had to have a section of the blog for my twisted opinions. So I made one section of the blog so that I could vent. I called it "Just My Opinion". I love blogging in that section! But I could never blog fulltime about my opinion (I'd probably be thrown in the looney bin).

So, what should you blog about?

Choose your blog theme based on something that you love.

Do you love dogs? Knitting? Cooking? Kids? Find a subject that you love. Something that you can write a 500 word blog article about at least once a week. Something that you are not going to get bored with next year (or next month).

The biggest reason your blog should have a theme is so you can place better in the search engines. If you are like my friend who doesn't care then don't worry about a theme, but if you want your blog read and especially if you place ads on your blog, pick a theme, tag your blog articles, and write.

What's a blog article "tag"? You'll have to wait until my next blog post. I will cover tagging. What it is, how it can help you, and how to choose tags.

Until then, enjoy life!

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