Coming Soon to a Computer Store Near You -- The New Crunchpad

Some guys at have produced a very interesting flat screen tablet-like computer that sits on your lap and operates via a touchscreen like the Apple iPhone screen.

The Crunchpad is a 12-inch oblong about 18 mm thick with a smooth glass screen. It is powered by an Intel Atom processor and boots into a custom WebKit browser that runs on top of Linux with an operating system of about 100mb in size.

The Crunchpad is not meant for data entry, but can be used for email, for browsing internet sites, watching videos on Hulu, YouTube, etc., and for listening to streaming music. These are just some of the uses of the Crunchpad.

It doesn’t come with a keyboard, but does have its own built-in virtual keyboard operated by touching the keyboard on the screen. The keyboard is large enough for fat-fingered individuals and looks like it gets the job done for anyone who wants to do some typing on this device.

The Crunchpad is not available yet, but the prototype is being demo’d and release announcements are due in July, 2009. Stay tuned for more information on this new computer.

To see the Crunchpad prototype Read's Blog Page

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