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If you use the Internet much, you know that you have to have a throw-away e-mail account. That is an account that you can use for filling out forms on the web. As time goes on, it will be nesessary to throw away that e-mail account and get a new one. The first one will be the target of spams.

A quick scan of my "throw-away" e-mail account this morning produced 50 spams. As I looked at each subject and sender, I had these thoughts:

Subject: Authentic medications at rockbottom prices
Sender: Free Viagra & Cialis
Now, what makes you think I need either of these products?

Subject: Resolve your erectile issues with complete privacy
Sender: Try Viagra4Free
Hmmm .... I don't even LOOK like a man. You must have me confused with your brother.

Subject: Give your wife the sensations she has been longing for for years.
Sender: 100% cheapest viagra
My husband would be surprised to know that I am keeping a secret wife.

Subject: Perhaps you could be my new friend.
Sender: Phylicia Bynum
I don't need no new friends.

Oh, my God! The CIA is giving me money!??! Yipee!

Subject: I found your meds
So? Keep 'em.

Subject: Do you want to know me better?
Sender: Hwa Boyd

Subject: Chase away your bedroom blues
Sender: Free Viagra & Cialis
My bedroom is white. Are you offering to paint it for me?

Subject: Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction
Sender: Free Viagra & Cialis

Subject: Your happiness is now free
Sender: 100% Free Viagra
You don't understand. My happiness has always been free. And, I certainly don't want it from someone named "100% Free Viagra".

Subject: Banking blunder nets me $20k
Sender: Bank Secrets
That sounds either illegal or immoral. Get a life.

In my opinion, the Internet is one of the best things in life, but spammers are the lowest of low-lifes. They are the scum floating in a stagnant well.

I scan my "throw-away" e-mail account daily. I wonder about people who do not use throw-away accounts. How many important messages do they miss buried in all the spam? How many times do they accidently click on one of these spam/scam messages?

I have often tried to think of a way to get rid of the spam. Certain Internet Service Providers filter out a lot of spam. AOL is famous for its "no-spam-email". BUT, often people with AOL accounts have trouble getting e-mail from friends and family.

There has to be a way to cut down on spam without cutting down on e-mail we want to receive.

The only way that I can think of, is to charge for every e-mail sent. That way, spammers sending out millions of e-mails can no longer do it for free. If it costs them a dime for every e-mail they send, a million e-mails would cost a pretty penny. Of course, it would cost us honest people to send e-mails, too.

Maybe they could give the first 500 e-mails a month free. More than that would cost a dime each.

Now, that would slow down the spam, but I doubt it would stop it completely. Spammers would just sign up for hundreds of e-mail addresses and send out batches of 500 e-mails from each one. But, it would be more work. Spammers seem to be allergic to work.

How about this -

They could charge a dime for every e-mail sent (maybe make it a 500 per month limit of free e-mails), then use the money collected to pay for shutting down these damn spammers. Now, I know that it can be hard to trace who actually sent the spam - but most spam e-mails send you to a web address or a mail drop. Shut down the websites. Close the mail drops. Make the spammers have to work for the money.

I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars each month to keep my inbox clean. Would you?

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Anonymous said...

Even worse than spammers and the virus makers and hackers and those intelligent but idiotic dumasses that insert Malware into legitimate websites to infect innocent people. Locking them up in a cell without internet or computer access would be too good a punishment for these types.

story teller said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

I think they should lock them up in a cell with a window overlooking people doing good things on computers.

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