How To Get The Best Deals When Shopping

How to Get the Best Deals When Shopping
Stores like Walmart, Target and Dollar stores are said to have the best prices on most products and sometimes it is hard to beat their prices. But, you CAN find prices even cheaper if you know “how” to look. Many good shoppers already know this secret and put it to good use. The trick is to find sales where you can Buy One, Get One Free. These types of deals really DO save you money.

The best place to find these Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offers is the local newspaper or online internet ads for your local retail stores. Quite often the Sunday newspaper has inserts from your local stores showing the current Buy One, Get One sales. There is even a downloadable program from one website called that will find these BOGO offers in your area for every store on a week-to-week basis.

Shopping with coupons that offer substantial reductions on commonly purchased items is another good way to save money. A coupon used in conjunction with BOGO offers is a win/win situation.

Some things to keep in mind about shopping for these Buy One, Get One Free offers:

1. Make sure you can really USE and STORE two of the same item (give one away to a friend in need if you can’t use two of the same item.)

2. Make sure you know the prices of your commonly purchased items (if you normally shop at Walmart, it makes sense to really KNOW the cost of the item and that you’re getting a deal if you Buy One, Get One at another location.)

3. Use COUPONS along with the Buy One, Get One Free offers to save the most on your purchases.

4. Make sure you’re actually going to save money. If you have to also shop at another store for other items on your weekly list, don’t spend all your savings on the gas to get around town for these other items.

If you want to try bogofetcher, go to their website and sign up [http//]. All you do is provide your e-mail address and the city/state in which you live and you’ll get the BOGO deals delivered to your e-mail box on a regular basis (you can unsubscribe easily if you’re not satisfied). If you don’t want to give out your e-mail address, you can go to their website, click on the FIND BOGOs tab, and do a search in your local area without signing up.

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story teller said...

I checked out bogofetcher. Unfortunately, the closest store I could find was 60 miles away (I love living in the boonies, but there ARE drawbacks).

But, the BOGO's that I found were really good. I get to the city about once a month so will now check the bogofetcher site before my planned trip.

There are some really good deals there! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Good Advice. And, there are lots of search engines on the internet that help you find good deals. is one. is another. Voyij has good deals on travel. If you do a search on "deals" you find a lot of sites that have great deals, coupons, codes for reduced prices, etc.

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