How to Find Your Dream Job


For people on a job search mission, may be one of the most useful tools on the internet for finding your dream job. There are a lot of online employment websites, but Craigslist has one of the most extensive and useful sites for job seekers.

Craigslist’s search variables offer as wide a variety of options as you can imagine. You can narrow your job search down to a specific location; you can search for flexibility in a job, such as telecommuting and contract employment; and you can find employers of all sizes, from Mom and Pop companies to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Craigslist also offers a secure environment for contacting potential employers. They do this by supplying an anonymous e-mail address for job candidates, providing a secure e-mail system for sending e-mails to prospective employers, and reviewing job advertisements for content before posting on their website.

One of the keys to attracting attention in a job search is providing a good resume. Craigslist offers a resume-building tool that helps to create a descriptive and attention grabbing title for your resume, helps to fill the content of the resume with relevant keywords, and makes it easier for those who search for these keywords to find your resume and get to know your skills.

Craigslist has many uses other than its job hunting capabilities. Other uses for Craigslist are its many advertising opportunities, its platform for meeting people, and its forums for trading ideas on a broad range of subjects. If you are advertising a product or service, you can’t go wrong with Craigslist’s affordability and large number of visitors every day. Craigslist charges a posting fee for help wanted advertisements in only three specific markets. They also charge for specific housing advertisements in one city. All other markets and services are advertised for free. There is no need to generate your own traffic to the site as Craigslist already has about ten million visitors each month who generate about four billion page views per month. This is a massive audience.

Meeting people on Craigslist is another useful tool that is provided. The personals section of Craigslist can be very helpful in finding like-minded people in your area. There are also discussion forums where people can trade ideas and comments on various topics. Interested persons explore these forums and sometimes expand them into online debates. Forums are a way to communicate and provide a healthy give and take on many issues and viewpoints.Check out and see if it can help you in your next endeavor, be it job searching, meeting people, advertising a product or service, or exchanging ideas on your favorite subject or pet peeve.

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