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My husband and I usually go out for breakfast on Sunday mornings. We don't eat out often, but Sunday breakfast is a treat.

Last Sunday we were seated in our favorite booth at our favorite restaurant. We were discussing an upcoming vacation while we waited for our food.

Behind me, a cellphone rang. Now, I don't mind cellphones in restaurants (usually). It's never bothered me to see someone talking on the phone in public. Once in a while we would hear snippets of conversation. Not a problem.

But, last Sunday was different.

From the moment the man answered the phone, I was uncomfortable. He immediatley started the conversation by saying very loudly, "I'm eating. Make it fast."

My question is: If you didn't want to talk right then, why didn't you just refuse the call? Read the instructions, my friend. They will tell you how to stop the ringing and not answer the phone. Your caller will go straight to voicemail.

He continued to talk loudly. He kept demanding to know why the person on the other end would do something that stupid.

My question is: Who told you that it was OK to tell someone they are stupid? It's not. People make the wrong decisions. People do dumb things. But, (I'm going to get a little snarky here) most people are probably smarter than the person we were forced to listen to.

As he shifted in his seat, his thumb must have hit the speakerphone button because suddenly we could all hear both sides of the conversation. It became apparent that he was talking to his son. (When the caller referred to the man as "Dad" it was a giveaway).

The whole restaurant soon knew that the son had purchased new tires for his old car and was calling to tell dad that he would be home a little later than he had thought. Dad was berating the son for buying tires. Son was trying to explain that two tires were bald with treads showing. Dad called him stupid for spending more on tires than the car was worth.

Dad told him to go to the counter and get his money back and have the old tires put back on. Son said that he needed the tires and was having them put on.

Now, excuse me if I am wrong, but shouldn't dad be happy that son was responsible enough to pay for tires on his car? If this had been my son, I would be jumping for joy that he was thinking about safety.

I cringed when dad told son that he had wasted his money.

I almost got up and confronted the man when dad told son that he was tired of the boy's stupidity. And to get his *&& home as soon as he could and get the f$@&ing front yard mowed.

That poor boy.

First, his dad calls him stupid (I'm just glad the boy didn't know that his dad had called him stupid in front of 20 people). No parent has the right to call their kids names.

Second, the boy was getting berated for doing the right thing. I was happy to hear him tell his father that he still felt he needed the tires.

Third, dad needs to read the manual for his cell phone.

What do you think? Ever listened to a conversation you would rather not hear?

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Anonymous said...

I think the jerk of a father needs to be taught a lesson -- if only there was such a thing as "instant karma" or "divine retribution".

story teller said...

I feel the same way. Except, I DO have twinges of pity for someone who is clearly so unhappy with life that they have to put other people down.

I'm sure his karma will catch up with him (if it hasn't already).

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