Who Taught These People to Drive? Opinion

Is it just me, or do I find the worst drivers?

Yesterday, I was on I-80. Traffic was a little heavy. A big orange sign had warned of road construction ahead three miles. Another sign reminded us at two miles and told us what lane was closed.

In the next mile and a half, everyone had moved to the correct lane and we were getting along just fine. We all knew that in a half mile the right lane would be closed, but we were already smoothly driving along in the left lane.

Suddenly, a car whizzed past in the right lane. The driver looked for a good place to cut in line. Everyone had to hit their brakes to compensate for the cut in line.

OK, I'll give that driver the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps his wife was in labor and he was rushing to the hospital.

But wait! Another car came speeding past everyone. He too, looked for a place to cut in line. Again, everyone had to hit their brakes while he cut in line.

Hmmm .... Well, it could happen. Two emergencies that required the drivers to cut in line. Yeah, it could happen, but it happens all the time. There aren't that many emergencies in the world.

I'd like to know what those drivers who speed past and cut in line are thinking.

  • Do they think that what they are doing is more important than 50 other people traveling the same road?

  • Do they think they are entitled to get somewhere faster than the rest of the world?

  • Are they just not paying attention? (Boy, that's a scary thought!)

Have you ever cut in line when encountering road construction? Have you ever been cut in front of?

We'd like to know. And, we'd love your opinion.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hate the ones that ignore you when they cut in. They don't even wave to thank you. They just drive past you and cut in.

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