Our Affordable Vacation - Part 3

This is a series of posts on planning an affordable vacation by renting a vacation home. In this series, we are documenting our May, 2009, vacation to Mexico.

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In Part 1 and Part 2, I've told you how to find the perfect vacation rental.

We've rented the Villa that we think will be perfect for five sisters and their 80 year old mother. We are packed (almost). By tomorrow afternoon, we plan to have sand in our toes and Margaritas in our hands.

We are old hats at vacationing together on a budget. We've done cruises and other vacations, but we've never rented a vacation home. It certainly is cheaper than an all-inclusive, but will it be as much fun?

In the next few days, we will share with you exactly how this worked out for us. Did it live up to our expectations? Did we have any problems? Were we pleasantly surprised or disappointed?

We'll let you know.

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