Maiden Voyage - A book review

Maiden Voyage

by Tania Aebi

Talk about guts!

Tania Aebi was an 18 year old high school dropout, living in New York City, when her father challenged her to either go to college or sail around the world solo. She accepted his challenge and began her trip around the world in a 26-foot sloop. For two and a half years she sailed around the globe carrying out her father’s dare. At one point in the book she relates, “Although I might have set off on the voyage because of his [her father’s] dreams, somewhere along the way, I created my own.”

This book, based on Tania Aebi's ships' logs and journal and written shortly after her arrival back in the States, is about the sea and about growing up, and traveling alone amidst happiness and hardships. It is an enviable adventure on a trip around the world. Tania’s only companion was her cat, Tarzoon, who proved to be a worthy shipmate. Sometimes they both had to be strapped to the boat so they would not be swept into the raging seas.

What a wonderful story about the life and times of a young girl! The book shares her struggles, her telling of the wonderful and beautiful places she stops at along the way, and relays facts and insights about the world and the sea that many people might never learn except through the eyes and ears of this young traveler, or others like her.

The book was written in the late 1980s, shortly after her "world tour."

Tania Aebi has led an interesting life. She married a man she met on her voyage, had two sons, and now they ALL still sail the world. Tarzoon, the cat, lived to be twenty years old.

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