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Does it seem to you that kids today are more disrespectful, spoiled, and just plain rude than you can take? Don't get me wrong. I see many great kids - but, the majority are just plain trashy.

I blame this on the parents. But, parenting has gotten harder since we were kids. My siblings and I turned out well. We crossed busy streets, we put our fingers in our mouths after playing in the dirt, we went outside and played and were just fine - as long as we made it home by dark. But, we weren't coddled. We knew there would be hell to pay if we screwed up.

When we broke a rule, we got "the belt". (In my opinion, we got the belt a little too often.) But, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And we got strong.

We learned what the rules were and we learned that if we broke them, we would regret it. There was no talking your way out of it, or threatening to scream "abuse". We took the punishment and got through it.

We learned to respect authority and we learned that it didn't matter if we were happy with it or not - rules were rules and we had to "deal with them".

We learned that there are winners and losers. Not everyone won a ribbon in a race. When we did win (which wasn't often), we were estatic. When we didn't win, we were sad. But, we learned that, in order to win, we had to work.

I see competitions today where every child gets a ribbon. What is that teaching them? Not to try harder. This tells our kids "everyone is a winner".

When they become adults, suddenly "everyone is NOT a winner", and they simply don't know how to deal with it. They don't know how to go back to the drawing board and try harder.

By the time we were teens, we had learned:
  • Life has ups and downs. Not every day is going to go your way. Learn to get through the bad times.

  • Parents are there to teach you how to take care of yourself. NOT to indulge you in every way.

  • We are entitled to life - only life. What happens with that life is up to us. Don't expect everything handed to you on a silver platter.

  • Respect others. This means everyone -not just people who can give you what you want.

  • Bad things happen when you don't follow the rules. Today's kids might know the rules, but most also know that nothing bad happens when you break the rules. Today, if you want something, break the rules to get it.

  • There are disappointments in life. When we were kids, we had many unhappy days, but each one was a learning experience that taught us how to move on. Now, we are successful and happy. Had we NOT learned how to deal with disappointment, we would be wandering around wondering why the world was picking on us.

  • We learned to fail. Failing is a part of life. When we learn to deal with failure as a child, it becomes an obstacle that can be conquered - not a concrete wall. Children that are given the opportunity to fail - and then supported and shown how to try again, grow up self confident and able to do anything.

If parents aren't teaching the hard knocks of life to their kids, we face a future of self-entitled adults who will wonder why things aren't working out for them. They won't be able to deal with marriage or competition in the work place.

Let's help parents be parents, and teach our children how to succeed before it's too late.

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Anonymous said...

There are even "Parenting Classes" out there that are very good and are taught by very competent people. I see parents in the stores that I'd like to shake sometimes. Too bad there aren't parent police that can give parents a ticket when they mistreat their children in public. And I know this is a Kids These Days article, but Parents could also use some training on how to be good.

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