An Affordable Vacation

My sisters and I have gotten together for vacations for a number of years. Some years, we can't afford much more than one of us playing hostess while the others show up sans husband and kids. Other years, we find a destination and all meet for a few days of rest and relaxation.

This year we decided that Mexico was where we wanted to be. I went to Vacation Home Rentals and searched for an affordable vacation home between Cancun and Cozumel.

There were many to choose from. Using the advanced search, I was able to narrow the list down to ones that were within our budget and had all the amenities we wanted (pool, ocean front, wireless internet, washer/dryer). Once I shared my list with my sisters, the hard part began -- deciding which Vacation Home would be perfect.

I contacted each of the home owners and did a Google search on each of the prospects. A Google search weeded out a few of the vacation homes. Response to my e-mail (or lack of response) weeded out a few more.

After much deliberation (and just a few arguments), we decided on Secret Beach Villas just south of Puerto Morales. About half-way between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, it was in an ideal location and it is less than a half-hour's driving time from a number of great excursions.

Liza answered all my questions via e-mail within 24 hours of my asking. Each of my sisters had different questions they wanted answers to, so I sent several e-mails, making me feel a little pushy, but Liza answered each one politely and fully.

We paid for the reservation in January (2009) and have been counting the months .... weeks ... days. Tomorrow is the day! As I write this, my suitcase is laying open, the dryer is running with clothes I want to take, and the list of things my husband needs to take care of is laying on the counter.

This afternoon, my husband will take my sister and me to the motel by the airport where we will meet with another sister for a night in the motel before our flights early tomorrow morning.

We'll fly to Minneapolis to meet with yet another sister before we board the plane that takes us to Mexico.

Once in Mexico, we'll find another sister and our mother who are flying in from Florida.

While, I'm writing this on May 8th, it isn't scheduled to post until May 11th. By then, I'll have more information to share.

Everyone deserves a vacation. My goal is to have the perfect vacation.

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