Affordable Vacation - Part 5

In the first four parts of this series, I discussed finding a vacation home:

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Today I want to describe the villa.

Javier, the manager, welcomed us as we unloaded our luggage. He led us through the carport to the back door. I had been a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to understand him, but his English was good enough that I could understand everything he told me.

As we stepped in the back door, we could see down the hall to the living room's wall of glass overlooking the pool and the ocean. The view was so beautiful that I couldn't wait for Javier to finish the tour so I could go sit on the patio.

Javier showed me the laundry room (which was so cool - situated in the middle of the house, but open to the sky, like a mini-atrium). The downstairs bedroom was at the back of the house. The kitchen was packed with everything we might need including juicer, blender, microwave, and of course, the bottled water.

The dining room was huge - with a pass through bar to the kitchen. The glass dining room table would seat all six of us with room to spare.

The bar was fully stocked. Use of the bar works like this: Drink what you want, but replace what you drink. So, if you use up all the rum, buy a replacement bottle. We aren't big drinkers so the margaritas that came with our meals were plenty. We didn't need to use the bar, but it's there if you need it.

The living room was my favorite room. The huge leather couch and two chairs provided enough seating so all six of us could stretch out and tell stories. The wall of glass allowed us to laze around the living room in air conditioned comfort when we weren't beachcombing or swimming.

Upstairs were three huge bedrooms and a seating area. Two bedrooms overlooked the pool and ocean. They shared a common balcony. The third bedroom was at the back of the house and overlooked the cenote.

Neko had the back bedroom and, on her first morning, she looked out the window and saw a jaguar strolling around the cenote. Every morning after that, we all converged on Neko's bedroom to see if we could catch a glimpse, but he never returned while we watched.

The ceilings on the second floor were brick. How cool is that!

Each bedroom had its own large bathroom. Plus there was a common bathroom on the main floor. That makes five (count 'em - FIVE) bathrooms in the villa. More than enough for us!

The villa has maid service Monday through Saturday. The girls start upstairs, in the bedrooms and clean their way down through the house. They don't speak much English, so very basic communication is all you can expect. However, we had a secret weapon. Our brother married a girl who was born in Mexico and we simply asked her to translate when we didn't want to.

We had seen a few ants in the kitchen and she was able to let the maids know so they could take care of it. They informed her that an exterminator came in monthly and was due next week, but they were happy to apply ant spray along entrance routes to cut down on the ant invasion.

QueenBee (mom) asked the maids to NOT clean the bar area. We used the bar for our communication and craft center. Laptops and bead supplies took over the bar. The maids left them alone.

Internet access was very good. We had a couple of problems connecting in the week that we were there, but if we waited fifteen minutes the connection was back and ran smoothly.

All in all, we feel the villa was worth every penny. It was large, clean, and quiet. It was everything we had hoped for.

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