THE TIME PARADOX - The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

One of the most powerful predictors of why we do what we do and what motivates us to react in certain ways is our attitude toward time. So say the authors of “The Time Paradox, the New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life,” by John Boyd and Philip Zimbardo.

This book was a wonderful introduction to a theory about time that is not about time management, but is about how time is viewed by past and present experiences as well as by future perceptions of time. The book includes real-life studies over decades, showing how peoples’ perceptions of time color their world and influence their actions. The studies show that people can learn or re-learn how to achieve a new set of time attitudes that may help them to become happier and more successful.

This book features several tests that readers can complete and check against other peoples’ results, as well as compare characteristics and behaviors based upon the authors’ years of research. Boyd and Zimbardo provide a plausible insight into some forms of mental illness, gambling and other addictions, and why suicide bombers have the mindset to blow themselves up. There is also a discussion about why our unhealthy time perspectives lead to coronary heart disease, cancer, and other diseases indicative of chronic stress responses.

Along with explanations about why people are the way they are, the book also attempts to show that attitudes toward time can be changed and that a more positive life can be had by “resetting your time perspective clock.” One of my favorite lines from the book deals with people, friends and good relationships with others as we go through life: “...time is related not just to mental and physical health but that everyone – healthy or sick, normal or abnormal – is in a race with and battle against time. If we run the race not as a solitary runner, but as a part of a relay team, the social presence of others on our side can make us all run better and longer.”

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The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

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