Smooth Away Hair Removal Review

I was really hoping I could write a good review of the Smooth Away product – especially since I was stupid and bought the product without first reading any online comments. It seemed like a wonderful idea. No more shaving! Just rub away the hair on your legs, underarms, even your face.

I followed the instructions very carefully. They warn you that it is to be used only on clean, dry skin and that you should have no trace of creams or lotions on the skin. They also recommend not using it on your face until you have first tried it on another part of your body.

So I buffed my legs first. It recommended buffing gently in one area, first in one direction and then in the other direction. It did make the skin on my legs look kind of gray but I was expecting that since the instructions noted that this would happen and was due to the exfoliated dead skin cells.

It took maybe 20 minutes to finish both legs and my legs did look and feel nice and smooth after I was finished. I put moisturizer on my legs when I was finished and then waited about a half hour before trying the smaller pad on a couple areas on my face. I was a little nervous about using an abrasive on my face so maybe I didn’t rub as hard as I should have. Anyway, I really had no luck removing any facial hair. But I was still thrilled that it seemed to work so well on my legs. I hate shaving!

It took about 24 hours for my legs to start itching. That is when I went online and starting reading comments from other users. From the sound of it, I am lucky that all I experienced was itching on my legs. My itching went away after a couple of days, but many other people stated they had rashes and even sores from using the product. Everybody’s skin is different but I feel that I cannot recommend the product and I will be sure to read online comments before I try another product that seems too good to be true.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read this. I saw this product in a store and thought I might try it as soon as warm weather hit. I think I'll stick to the razor. Thanks.

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