Saving on your electric bills

I have a few different articles on how to save on electric bills.

This first one won't suggest using florescent bulbs, caulking and weather stripping, or tell you to install a programmable thermostat (although these are all great ideas that we will address later).
Today I want to make one simple statement.

If you want to save a lot of money fast, keep in mind that finding the biggest energy users, and dealing with them first, will save the most money from the start.

So, which appliances are the biggest energy guzzlers?

Your dryer. When you can, follow these tips:

  • Air Dry. If you don't have a clothes line, use a drying rack. My special tip here - I air dry what I can, but, before the clothes are completely dry, I toss them in the dryer for about 15 minutes. That finishes the drying, and smoothes out the 'stiffness' that you can get from air drying clothes.

  • Gas dryers save about 15% over electric dryers.

  • Clean the lint filter after EVERY load. Not only does this help the dryer dry faster; an accumulation of lint is a fire hazard.

Your Central Air Conditioner.

Consider this: A window air conditioner uses between 500 and 1500 watts. A two and a half ton central unit uses over 3,000 watts! If you simply can't survive without central air, try these tips:

Turn the thermostat up a couple degrees. You really can get used to it being a little warmer. Try keeping it above 80 degrees.
  • Fans can make the temperature seem 10 degrees cooler. Use them. And, if you use ceiling fans, make sure the blades are spinning the right way.

  • Turn the air conditioner off when you aren't home. It's a myth that running it all day is cheaper than cooling the house down after heat has built up. If your central air conditioner has a set back thermostat, use it.
I will be adding more tips on saving on your electric bills. Do you have any you want to share with us?

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