In the Laundry Room

Start today saving money in your laundry room. Use these tips to stretch your dollars.

In the Washer

  • Don’t buy brand name additives; pick up a box of good old borax.

  • Don’t buy Clorox. Buy generic, same product, much cheaper.

  • Today's laundry detergents work just as well in cold or hot water.

  • Using the same detergent over and over can dull your clothes. I occasionally switch to a different detergent to wash out the last one.

  • Wash and dry clothes inside out to prevent fading.

In the Dryer

  • Cut those dryer sheets in half. They will work just as well.

  • After using the dryer sheet, instead of throwing it away, put it in a basket. When you dust, pull one out and use it.

  • Clean the filter on your dryer. A build up of lint not only costs money, it is a real fire hazard.

Using these tips can help you start saving money today.

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