In the Laundry Room (more tips)

Yesterday I gave you some tips on how to save money in the laundry room. Today I want to add some general laundry tips.
  • Many garments labeled "Dry Clean Only" can be safely hand washed using a mild soap like Woolite and cold water.

  • When washing dark clothes for the first time, use cold water and put salt in the water. The salt will help set the color.

  • Put salt in the water to brighten dark clothes after they have been washed several times.

  • To camouflage a non-removable coffee stain on a white table cloth, soak it in strong black coffee.

Stain Fighters
  • Grass Stains - Combine a few drops of household ammonia with one teaspoon peroxide. Rub stain with this mixture. Rinse with water as soon as stain disappears.

  • Ink Stains - Use hairspray on stain (put paper towels underneath) and launder as usual.

  • Fresh Blood Stains - Launder in cold water.

  • Dried Blood Stains - Use hydrogen peroxide. Pour over stain as soon as possible.

  • Kool-Aid or Popsicle - Pour rubbing alcohol over stain before washing.

  • Wine and Fruit - Club soda or moist salt. Pour over stain before washing.

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