Blogging for Cash - part 3

You can find Part One of this article here.
You can find Part Two of this article here.

Getting started.

Whether you decide to use Blogspot ( ) or Wordpress ( ) or any of the other blogging tools out there, the first thing you need to do is set up an account.

All of them have easy to follow instructions so I won’t waste time here. Simply choose the one that you want and follow the instructions for setting up an account.

Next, choose your template. You’ll be able to choose from a number of templates to make your blog look different.

Now, write your article. You will use the “Create New Post” page, just like a text editor. There are icons for bolding text, adding links, and more. Blogger's post editor has three modes:
Compose: a wysiwyg editor where you manipulate text with formatting buttons
Edit HTML: a raw mode where you edit the html manually
Preview: lets you see a full-body preview of the post, including its title, links and images

After you have written your article, you can go back and edit it as often as you need. If you decide you don’t want it, you can delete it.

One feature that we use at The Busy Saver is the “Draft”. When one of us writes an article, we can save it as a draft. Then, Queen Bee swoops in and does a quick check before the article is posted. Neko and Tracker are pretty good about catching their errors.

Queen Bee has to be a little more careful with my posts. I tend to make my fingers try to keep up with my brain and make a few mistakes. (The “Draft Feature” is your friend.)

You can use keyboard shortcuts. Here are the most common:
control + b = Bold
control + i = Italic
control + shift + a = Link
control + shift + p = Preview
control + d = Save as Draft
control + p = Publish Post
control + s = Autosave and keep editing

When your article is ready to be viewed by the world, you will click the “Publish” button. As fast as you can hit that button, the article is live.

In part 4 of Blogging For Cash, I’ll get a little more technical. Until then, enjoy life!

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