Blogging for Cash – part 2

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What’s your blog’s topic? What do you enjoy doing?

Do you knit or crochet? Your blog could be tips or tricks for others. It could include patterns, links to patterns and suppliers, or news about your hobby. With a little online research, you will have an unlimited supply of articles.

Are you crafty? Your blog could be devoted to articles about crafting. Again, a little research each week and the article possibilities are endless. You would never run out of article ideas.

How-to blogs offer a wide range of ideas. If you like to do research and you like to learn how to do new things, why not share what you learn with others.

Perhaps your passion is motorcycle racing. Or NASCAR. Or family reunions. Really, it doesn’t matter what you are passionate about – just find a topic and commit to it.

Maybe you like talking about the news. You could start a blog where you simply post your opinion of the news of the day.

The possibilities are endless. Choose your topic.

Now a few tips

Choose a blog topic that other people are interested in. If nobody searches the internet for your topic, nobody will find your blog. If nobody finds your blog, you won’t make any money in affiliate/advertising.

Choose a blog topic that you can compete in. If a million other people are also blogging about the same topic, your blog could get lost in the shuffle. Try to find a blog topic that has less competition. For example, if you blog about crafting, choose one craft to blog about and concentrate on that one craft. The fewer people blogging about that craft, the more successful your blog will be.

Look at other blogs related to the topic you are considering. What are they missing? If you find a blog topic you love, and you see that there is a smaller niche inside this topic, jump on it.

In part 3 of Blogging For Cash, I’ll help you start your blog. Until then, enjoy life!

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