Blogging for Cash – part 1

Can you make money blogging?

The short answer is: Yes.
The long answer is: It depends on who you are. Or rather, what you like to do.

This series of articles will help you decide if starting a blog is right for you and will help you determine what to blog about. This series will show you how to get started, stay motivated, set up affiliate/advertising programs, and start earning extra money.

Anyone can get a blog set up and write a few articles. Then, simply sign up for affiliate and/or advertising programs and wait for income. It sounds simple - and it is simple. But in order to make enough money to call your blog a success, there are some things that you may or may not be suited to.

You need to enjoy writing

You need to enjoy sitting down and writing in order to motivate yourself to do it. If you'd rather be outside gardening or sitting at the kitchen table crafting, you'll need to be able to push yourself to sit down at the computer a couple of times a week (minimum) to write about your passion. Your blog is only as good as your motivation to add articles to it.

You need to be a self starter.

Whether you like to write or not, you need to stick to your schedule. Some bloggers post to their blog once a week. Others post to their blog several times a day. At The Busy Saver, we post to our blog four times a week - occasionally more, never less. We post to our blog whether we are busy with other things or have time on our hands. We are committed to our blog. Can you commit to a blog? Can you stick to that commitment? Be honest with yourself. Don't waste time on something that you can't finish.

You need to find time to research.

I don't know many people who can write 500 - 1,000 words several times a week without doing research. But if you've chosen a blog topic that you are passionate about, research is fun.

You need to be honest.

There are no "get rich quick" techniques. Choose your blog topic, choose your affiliate/advertiser program, and set a time to sit down on schedule and write articles for your blog.

Blogging is easy if you love what you are blogging about. It can be a chore if you are in it just for the money.

In part 2 of Blogging For Cash, I’ll help you decide what to blog about. Until then, enjoy life!

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