Who We Are

We are sisters who have spent years online sharing our life tips and tricks on a private website. In today's economy, it can be hard to make ends meet. We decided to start a public website to share all our tips and tricks with you.

Meet QueenBee
She's the Mom of this clan, and she mostly works behind the scenes doing the proofreading of these articles. After spending almost 60 years being a “Mom”, she's able to give the daughters some hints about saving money; and after being a secretary for 35+ years, she's pretty good at spelling and punctuation. You won't see her writing articles, but she keeps us all in line.

Meet Neko
Neko lives in northern Minnesota. She divides her time between living in the city and living in a rustic cabin. Watch her posts for some great tips on saving money and on cooking. She's also a great crafter so look for some good craft tips.

Meet Tracker
Tracker lives in Florida. She's accomplished many things so far in life. Her knowledge of the outdoors is awesome. Watch her posts for gardening tips and craft tips. One of her favorite hobbies is to make plaster casts of the various tracks she finds on her sandy roadways. When the plaster casts are pressed into clay and fired, these pottery paw prints make useful items such as soap dishes, spoon rests, refrigerator magnets, wind chimes and other interesting pieces.

Meet Story Teller
Story Teller lives in North Central Illinois. She's made saving money into an art. Watch her posts for money saving tips, money making tips and cheap, easy recipes. Don't look for her to post any crafty how-to's. She wasn't born with the talent her sister's share.

We mix in a bit of how-to’s on a variety of subjects; we talk about easy and inexpensive recipes; we share how we save money and how we can be a bit more frugal in today’s economy.

You might see a book review or two, or a tip that is just too good not to pass along. Our blog is about a little frugality mixed with common sense and a bit of fun – we’re talking about making life enjoyable and rewarding on a shoestring budget.

Join us! Share your tips. We'd love to hear them!

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