In Your Car - Stopping and Taking Off

You'd be surprised at how much money you can save on gas by thinking about stopping and starting.

Forget those jack rabbit starts. You know... you are sitting at a stop light and the light turns green. You hit the gas pedal and away you go. Yay! You win!

Actually, you just lost some gas. You aren't going to get anywhere faster by jack-rabbiting the start. Instead, try to take off as smoothly as possible. Take your foot off the brake and apply gas slowly.

Now, I don't mean painfully slow - believe it or not, that can actually waste gas because your car tends to bog down a little. Just apply the gas smoothly. Your car will thank you and you will notice a difference in your gas mileage the very next time you fill up!

And, when someone puts their turn signal on, you know they are going to slow down when they make that turn, so ease off the gas pedal now. Don't stay right on his tail and then gas it as soon as he turns. Instead, let up on the gas pedal and slow down. Then, when he has turned, apply the gas smoothly and you are on your way.

The less you have to use your brakes (and then the gas), the more you will save.

If you pay attention to your gas mileage, these two tips will make a difference the next time you fill up.

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