In Your Car - Use The Air Conditioner

Many people think that using the air conditioner in their car uses way too much gas.

Well, they are right. But, rolling the windows down creates aerodynamic drag.

When driving on the highway, the aerodynamic drag often uses more gas than running the air conditioner.

Driving in town is different. At slow speeds, it is cheaper to roll down the windows and turn off the air.

So, be comfortable. Use the air conditioner in your car for those highway trips.

And, while we are talking about aerodynamics. The debate still rages whether driving with the tailgate down improves gas mileage for a pickup truck. Experts say that when a truck’s tailgate is up, a “protective air bubble” will form in the bed area which makes the truck more aerodynamic; when the tailgate is down, this bubble disappears and gas mileage gets worse.

In this article, I've given you my results. But it obviously depends on the vehicle type, style and age.

Take a look at this article from Their findings weren't the same as my experiences. So, always keep this in mind: What works for one doesn't always work for all.

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