Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard, a user can talk to the computer and watch the spoken words instantly appear. You can even surf the Web just by speaking. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is much faster than typing, and it is a lot more accurate than it was several years ago when I first tested it out.

It took about ten minutes for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to recognize my voice, and it improves the more it's used.

I've started to use it for e-mails as well as documents. I can't get over how well it has worked for me.

I have a couple of tips for you if you are just starting out with Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

1) Get a good headset. I would recommend a wired one over a wireless, but if you want to use a wireless headset, spend the extra money to get a good one.

2) In the beginning, Dragon will make a few mistakes. Don't yell at it. That doesn't help.

3) While it is easy to train Dragon, it does take a little bit of patience. Don't give up after five minutes.

4) If you will be using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in different sound environments, try creating a different user for each sound environment.

Overall, this is a great program. It's worth every penny!

Amazon.com carries Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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