Digital Photography – Pocket Guide

Digital Photography – Pocket Guide
by Derrick Story. Retails for $14.95

This is an excellent book for anyone considering going into digital photography or who is already at an intermediate knowledge level. The book is divided into three sections.

• “What is It? – Digital Camera Components” describes the various features of digital cameras and provides a good basis for selecting a camera with the features the individual would want.

• “What Does It Do? – The Digital Photographer’s Toolbox” describes in detail what each of the features does and how to use these features to obtain excellent photographs under various conditions.

• “How do I –Tips and Tricks for Shooting and Sharing” provides more detailed information mostly for intermediate or advanced photography but also contains some tips applicable to the point and shoot photographer.

In general I would highly recommend this book, particularly for individuals just getting into digital photography. There are a number of operational differences between film photography and digital photography. This book provides information on the differences and how to compensate for some of the disadvantages of digital vs. film picture-taking.

You can buy this book through Digital Photography Pocket Guide

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